How we treat our Patients?

All patients attending our Islamabad or Lahore clinics are carefully evaluated with a detailed clinical history and a relevant physical examination.
Since the symptoms of allergy overlap with many other illnesses. Our specially trained physicians attempt to diagnose the patients condition with minimum of diagnostic test, except the absolute essential once, If required.

Our initial attempt is to treat the symptoms with preventative measures and simple pharmacological Treatment (Medicine).

What type of allergy testing do we perform?

The type of allergy testing depends on the history, symptoms, location, environment and life style of the patient. The gold standard for the diagnoses of common allergic diseases is by skin prick testing. The allergens (substances, which cause allergy) to be tested are selected form a wide range of allergens available depending on the requirement of the patient. Skin prick allergy testing can include between 30 to 80 tests in our session, and can last up to one hour.

Why do we perform Allergy Testing?

In Case a Simple trial of
pharmacological treatment (Medicine) is unsuccessful,only then do we plan to
advise or perform further tests, including allergy testing.

What type of treatment do we provide?

Once an allergy test is suggestive of any specific substance causing the
symptoms of the allergy, appropriate preventative and treatment measures are advised.